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Chasers (2010)

by James Phelan(Favorite Author)
3.51 of 5 Votes: 4
Kensington Publishing Corp.
review 1: Look I liked it but it had the potential to be so much better. I'm sorry but I really didn't like the ending. I am a reader that grows attached to the supporting characters never the main character so to find out they never existed all along was just plain annoying to me. The way he said itwas all so sudden and it just didn't match the story it's just like "hey remember that thing she did? It was actually me because she died before so like yeah" ugh
review 2: Ok this book was a great Zombie read but it was way more than that in so many ways. It was really a book about survival and what you do when tragedy strikes. We start this book out by meeting Jesse who is on a school trip and is just enjoying New York but soon things change very quickly for him and his fri
... moreends. Jesse and his friends are on the subway when it is rocked by an explosion and once they get out they find NY is nothing like it was. I was so happy that this book had so much world building because we got to see all of NT through the eyes of these kids and I loved how well the descriptions were told. The kids quickly learn that along with NY being destroyed there is a bigger threat out to get them and they will have to work together to get to safety.I loved seeing the kids work so well together. They were all good at bringing something different to the table and they worked together so well. I loved seeing them navigate through the city and find a place for safety. It was something to see them scout for supplies and manage to avoid the Chasers that were out to get them. I liked think there were two types of Chasers too it was a welcome addition to the story. I have to say when the kids split up and Jesse goes on his own I did not see the twist that came. That was some brilliant writing and I loved every minute of it. I additionally felt so sad for Jesse and I couldn't even imagine what he was going through.Overall this was a quick read and one that I would recommend for people that don't really do well with the gore of Zombie books as this one was pretty mild on that front. It really felt more like just a story of survival with a little zombie thrown in but it was still a great read. I liked the way the story unfolded and the author also did an amazing job with the world building so it hooked me even more. I would really recommend this one to others. less
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typicaly YA sci-fi flick. 1 star for 5 last pages
messed with my mind
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