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The Forgiven Duke (2012)

by Jamie Carie(Favorite Author)
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1433673231 (ISBN13: 9781433673238)
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Forgotten Castles
review 1: Never have I read a book where the hero and heroine faced a lot of struggles in their lives, physically; emotionally; intellectually; and spiritually. The 2nd book in the Forgotten Castles series had plenty of adventures similar to Indiana Jones and hardships similar to Jesus's persecution. Adrenaline-pumping, heart-wrenching, and spiritually-stirring, the Forgiven Duke has it all. I am glad for stumbling upon author Jamie Carie's the Guardian Duke for her writing is something that I've been searching for a long time now - an inspirational and historical romance combo.
review 2: I was so happy to finally have the chance to read the second book in the Forgotten Castles Series by Jamie Carie. I knew The Forgiven Duke would end with some sort of cliffhanger just l
... moreike the first book in the series.I was not disappointed with this second book following Lady Alexandria Featherstone and her mysterious guardian, Duke of St. Easton whom she's only met once at a masquerade, although she's formed a close relationship with him though their letters to one another. This is romantic adventure if there was such a genre. There are separate stories of both St. Easton and Alex's trials and tribulations until eventually their storylines are melded into one.Even though St. Easton and Alex only finally meet near the middle of this second book in the series, you are immersed completely into the vivid drama created. If you love well-developed characters and classic historical fiction books that are not completely centered around romance read this book.*book provided by netgalley for an honest opinion* less
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I liked this one (#2) a ton better than the first book in the series.
Wonderful and touching. Love and Destiny and the grace of God.
Too drawn out with one problem after another.
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