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The Guardian Duke (2012)

by Jamie Carie(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 3
1433673223 (ISBN13: 9781433673221)
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Forgotten Castles
review 1: I've got to say this was a fun little read. It was fluff enough to be considered light reading, yet leaning more towards God (though not so much as to weigh it down with any profound thoughts or lightbulb moments. I got the impression that while both characters were saved. . .neither had any huge inclination to seek God farther.), and stayed clean. On the down side, there were several places where it felt as if the author had not bothered to do any research about what she was talking about. Small facts that, if gotten correctly, would not have called attention to themselves, never-the-less seemed to jump out and slap the reader in the face. (ex: 'mop cap', instead of the correct 'mob cap'. The first is not unheard of, but its the second that's correct.) This led to other p... moreroblems. Using the previous example "The door was answered by a maid dressed in a mop cap and wide apron." The 'mop cap' error jumps out - and calls attention to the sentence, making one wonder why the made was only dressed in a cap of any sort and an apron. Why didn't she have a dress on, and why was no one scandalized by it? The second downside would be in the fact this book ends at an odd place, and a cliff-hanger, leaving one with the feeling that it was written as one book then split up to please. . .someone who shouldn't have been pleased at all. There was no reason to end the book there - and not give us any resolution or answers at all. Rargh!On the good side, the characters were interesting, and while more time could have been spent telling us about them before they go haring off to all corners of the planet, you still end up liking them. Though Alexandria makes you want to pop her head and tell her to start thinking instead of being so impulsive.All in all, though, this was a light, fun read, and I will enjoy finding the sequels and finding out what happens.
review 2: This is a re-read for me. Jamie Carie is another author I stumbled upon through the local e-library. I hesitate to classify this one as "romance", but you can see it progressing. It was more of an adventure. I enjoy how you get to further know the protagonists through their correspondence. The cat & mouse aspect of the characters is slightly humourous. You can feel the Duke's frustration. I enjoy the imperfect saintliness of Alexandria. She has all at beck and call, but she's charming, impetuous, and known to lie so you overlook how sickly sweet her good-heartedness can be. Give it a read - it doesn't follow your typical historical fiction format. It's easy-going and I found myself intrigued enough to pick up the next novel (The Forgiven Duke) to see if she can bring closure to the mystery of her parents' disappearance and see how they fall in love. less
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I liked the first book but the series ended up being dirty so I don't recommend reading them.
Don't be like me and read this book without having the next two books!!
A nice light read
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