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Apolonia (2014)

by Jamie McGuire (Favorite Author)
3.41 of 5 Votes: 2
Jamie McGuire LLC
review 1: It bothers me to post a low review of anything by this author because I'm a huge fan of most of her work. But I have to go with a 2.5-3 on this one. I spent the first half powering through, hoping that it would take an interesting turn, and wondering when the title would make sense. None of that happened. At about 50% there were a few chapters that held my attention and offered some alien action. But beyond that, the rest was more of a struggle to keep my attention enough to finish.
review 2: This book could have easily been YA despite one sex scene and swearing. It followed along at a decent pace and the concept was original. The main character, Rory, kept telling us she was tough and damaged, but she really just seemed mopey and impulsive. She was cold
... moreand cruel in her relationships yet seemed surprised when people weren't nice to her. When Ellie, her neighbor, didn't take to her, she immediately went to calling her a whore and slut shaming. There were some strong female characters, Bryn and Apolonia, but the main character wasn't one of them. The sex scene in the book was short, unnecessary, and proves the author has no concept of female foreplay. I felt it was thrown in to satisfy the NA readers. Cy and Apolonia were the most interesting characters in the book. I'd be interested in reading a book just about them. This story, however, had much more potential and left me dissatisfied. less
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3.5-4 I thought that the book was unique, and different, and, found that it was a fast, fun read.
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