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Rag Doll In The Attic (2011)

by Jan Fields(Favorite Author)
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1596353392 (ISBN13: 9781596353398)
Annie's Attic
Annie's Attic Mysteries
review 1: I enjoyed this entry in the Annie's Attic series written by different authors. Jan Fields wrote a good book with mystery and a little creepiness and excitement that for once didn't involve anyone stalking, threatening, or knocking Annie down to steal her quilt, map, or other doodad from her grandma's attic.Annie is a widow who left Texas when her grandmother Betsy died in Stony Point, Maine and she inherited her house and all that was in it. She has been rummaging through the stuff her grandma had over the years, remembering her girlhood spending summers here, fixing up the house, and getting to know the women in a local stitching club. She does good deeds and has reunited with her pal from childhood Alice.When the book begins, Annie is having a series of nightmares about ... more3 girls out on a dark and stormy Maine night creeping up a cliff road to the lighthouse to touch it. There is supposedly a curse on it and the lighthouse keeper hates kids. Night after night bits of what happened come to Annie in her dreams (she apparently heard about what happened when she was a kid visiting but forgot)and she is stunned to then find out it is all true when she finds the rag doll that belonged to the 11 year old who was out with her older sister and with Annie's own mother Judy going to the lighthouse, a girl who died that night of injuries sustained on their adventure in the rain. Annie tries to unravel the mystery just as her friend Alice takes up with a photographer/writer who is in town to collect stories and photos for a book he is doing on lighthouses and their legends. The two mysteries (he heard of a young girl dying there on a stormy night) collide. That's not all that collides. While Alice is being tempted to run off with the writer, Annie finally comes to a decision about whether she will return to Texas to live or stay at Stony Point.
review 2: Annie can sure find things in her Grandma's attic. I like the rag doll and was glad she found who the owner was. Too bad the little girl had died. I am glad her sister will be able to appreciate the doll.I am glad Annie will find out some things about her mother. Jo was her dear friend. Annie did not hear all the things about when her mom was growing up. But the friend, Jo, will be able to fill in some blank spots.Good day reading. Nice Book. less
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Another "cozy" mystery. Perfect easy reading for chilly autumn days.
A wonderful light mystery set in New England....
Love this series
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