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The Deed In The Attic (2011)

by K.D. McCrite(Favorite Author)
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159635383X (ISBN13: 9781596353831)
Annie's Attic
Annie's Attic Mysteries
review 1: This one was certainly different from the others I have read so far in the Annie's Attic series of mysteries. Of course, that is due to the fact that different authors have written them which is a quirky thing when you are reading about the same characters and places. In this one, for example, this author had Annie using the word "y'all" which came across as ridiculous because she has never spoken like that. She also had a rather depressing situation with the widowed mayor Ian who is so sweet taking Annie out to dinner and this author had Annie wavering between being a cold fish and a hormone-crazed teen worried about her clothes and makeup which is out of character for Annie altogether.This mystery was extremely tame. Annie received a huge box of yarn from her daughter Le... moreeAnn back in Texas and it was supposedly so big she couldn't get it through the door and the delivery service guy wouldn't help. This led to an oddball situation which I thought was downright stupid where Norma at the post office chastised and was rude to Annie when Annie went to buy stamps because LeeAnn had not shipped it via the post office (as if that was Annie's doing) and then went off on a scary fit that seemed demented to Annie (and me) and looked like Linda Blair in the Exorcist, carrying on that people have abandoned the post office for email, Facebook, Fed Ex and UPS and giving a history the post office. Annie's response was to go back in and give Norma a salute and cookies and get all of the customers to saying how great the post office and Norma are. This was weird.Of course, getting all that yarn led Annie to the attic of the house she inherited from her grandma Betsy and there she found a cedar chest to store the yarn in and inside the chest was a deed to another house in Stony Point (Maine) made out to Betsy so now she owns a house Betsy had never mentioned. She spends a lot of time sorting out who the owners had been and why they gave Betsy a house she let get run down. This also led to Annie and some friends going out there ghost hunting at night with the idea of it being easier to sell a house if it hasn't got ghosts (oh geez, just shoot me now) but in the end, what Annie does with the house is heartwarming.
review 2: LOVED this book! This was the first book of the Annie's Attic series. I've read other books by this author and wanted to check them out. The books take place in a small town in Maine and center around a knitting/crocheting group. The main character, Annie, inherited her Grandmother's old house and finds a deed to another property, a mysterious house that no one seems to know much about. The mystery was very well-written. Just enough tidbits to keep me turning the pages and the final reveal being completely unexpected. I have several other books in the series and can't wait to read more about Annie and her adventures! less
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One of those books that makes you wonder how it ever got published...
great story - hoping to find more by this author
Good mystery!!
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