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She's Gone Country (2010)

by Jane Porter(Favorite Author)
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0446509418 (ISBN13: 9780446509411)
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review 1: I first read, SHE'S GONE COUNTRY, when it was first published in 2010. I loved it, and then read everything else that Jane Porter had written immediately afterwards. Recently I read her Brennan Sister Series, and decided to re-read this book, because there was something haunting about it.While I read this time, it was purposeful, I wanted to find the passages that held this book in my mind for four years. When it came time to write the review, I read a handful of other reviews. One used the phrase, "brain candy." I was shocked, because this is not a book that contains "brain candy." There is a lot of struggle and strength is this book, there is very little fluff, and the fluff there is, is hard won.Shey Darcy finds herself newly single after seventeen years of marriage, wh... moreen her husband, John, confesses his homosexuality. Taking her three boys with her, she leaves New York City for the family ranch in Texas. She trades in her life as a wife and semi-retired high profile model to return to her roots, to get back on her feet and raise her boys in a world she understands in her gut.Living in the run-down ranch house that she was raised in, she gets through the days by focusing on her children; three boys who are mourning the loss of their private school/Lacrosse playing lives, their father, and friends. But most importantly they are mourning the loss of being a family. It is through the bursts of anger and tender conversations with her boys that we learn how strong Shey is, and in understanding this strength, we must understand the depth of her pain at losing her husband and best friend while facing all the lies that have been told over the years.This is what haunted me. Shey's strength. It is carefully constructed through the trials of being raised on a working ranch, from being raised by a southern Baptist mama, to finding herself outside the life she would have chosen for herself, but making the most of. There is an energy in Shey that is absolutely compelling.The majority of the book focuses on Shey rebuilding herself and the life she will now live with her children in Texas. But there is a subplot of a long ago romance with a boy named Dane Kelly. Back in the same town, their paths cross, and they set about getting to know each other as adults, versus hormonal teens. I couldn't quite decide if Shey's forward nature in this portion of the book was an aspect of her strength or juvenile. While I enjoyed this sub-plot, at times I wanted her to be stronger, but then I had to let myself quit looking for "strong" and allow for "vulnerable."
review 2: Shey Darcy is a glamorous New York Model and mother of three rambunctious boys. When her husband of seventeen years decides he is gay, Shey's world is turned inside out. Not knowing what to do, she takes the boys and heads home to a small town in Texas.There, she starts to pick up the pieces of her life, but it is hard. Her youngest son, Cooper, seems to take to country life like a duck to water. But her other sons hate it there. They are used to their friends and private school in New York. Being teenagers, they are also battling their hormones and fights break out.Her mother is a very religious woman and although Shey knows that she means well, the two still go head to head many times on their different opinions about various subjects. Her mom, Shey, and her other brothers though are still grieving for the loss of Shey's youngest brother. And several have commented that his tendencies may be showing up in Shey's son.Then comes Dane Kelly. Shey had a huge crush on him in school, in fact, so bad that her parents sent her off to boarding school. Dane is a famous bull-rider, but he's recovering now from an accident and walks with a limp. Shey still finds her heart thumping like crazy when he is near, but her family tries to curb any thoughts in that direction.Shey's oldest brother Blue, whom used to be close friends with Dane, has had a falling out. Blue's developing property next to Danes ranch and it's not going well. Shey's youngest wants to learn how to rough ride, and Dane's the closest instructor around. All this close proximity sets the sparks afire. Shey will have to make peace with her past if she wants to move forward into her future.She's Gone Country is a page-turning story of a woman suffering heartbreak and loss and picking up the pieces and re-inventing herself. Ms. Porter pens a fabulous story that had me quickly turning the pages. Family and love, strength and hope play a large part of the story. I found it to be an extremely satisfying read. less
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This wound up being a much better book that I had thought. A very quick and enjoyable read.
Favorite Jane Porter romance! fun, funny, sweet, country-fied romance.
I'm in love with Dane Kelly. Damn.
Another great read by Jane Porter.
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