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#16thingsithoughtweretrue (2014)

by Janet Gurtler(Favorite Author)
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1402277970 (ISBN13: 9781402277979)
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review 1: This book started off with a video. Which led to a road trip. Which led to friendships, and adventures, and unforgettable memories. Honestly, the beginning had a spark which kept me reading. But as the book went on, I learned something. 1) never judge a person based on what OTHERS think. Get to know them first. 2) Don't make up a lie you guarantee you cant keep. 3) When you have a strong relationship with someone, make the best of it. It could be the last you see of them. 4) Live in the moment. Honestly, I could use this advice. I cried when Amy died. She of all people didn't deserve death. I think about death a lot. How life will go on without me knowing. It's like being talked about behind your back, knowing it's about you, but not exactly what it's about. Amy was really... more nice, and kind. No one deserves death. Good or bad. Murderer or not. Life is the most precious thing given to you, and everyone should live it thoroughly. If I ever die, I'd like to be remembered for all the right reasons. Janet Gurtler did an amazing job of putting the message out there. Words can't describe how it made me feel. Books are my mood changers/swings. :D
review 2: Morgan sure does have it rough. Her mom is having heart problems, she's been dealing with her father abandoning her before she was born, and, oh yeah, there's a video of her dancing in her underwear that has gone viral. I enjoyed reading about Morgan, about her dealing with the prospect of confronting the father who never wanted her; making new, truer friends; and learning that things may be bad, but it could get worse. Morgan has a lot to be angry about and sometimes she's unjust in her anger, but hey, we've all been there before. Many times.I really enjoyed the book and while the ending left me a bit sad, it almost felt out of place. I can't go into much without spoilers, but it felt like Morgan's story took a backseat and a new story emerged. It was sad and definitely a plot twist, but it came out of left field.So, Morgan is a twitter person. She's got almost 5k followers. The author takes it easy on us and doesn't use text speak in the narrative (thank you, thank you!) and Morgan actually spells everything out. Okay, so we all know that sometimes you have to improvise to get everything out in one tweet, but the author didn't make us work to try and decipher what Morgan was typing. I hate having to show my age by having to google what some of the text speaks stand for in the middle of a book. less
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This book was much better, and much sadder, than I thought it would be.
The last sentence of the book ruined the heartfelt ending.........
Hoping this gets translated in Finnish.
Bet book ever
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