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If I Tell (2011)

by Janet Gurtler(Favorite Author)
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1402261039 (ISBN13: 9781402261039)
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review 1: This is the second book that I've read by Janet Gurtler and I have to say that Gurtler never ceases to surprise me. I wasn't expecting this book to be about biracial problems, but I'm glad it was. It can teach the children of today about how some biracial people may feel. I like how Gurtler still keeps her characters true to their age, but not overwhelming. Jazzy, Jaz, or Jasmine is a girl who is just trying to fit in, but it's hard being half white and half black. The story starts out with her story and how she's faced life and then plunges into her feeling towards family. It's a story that tells the truth on what some people face today. How girls are having teenage pregnancies and how they change as you get older, the changes in biracial people and just overall teenage p... moreroblems. It's shows a story that many don't know. It's not all sugar and sweets. The story is wholesome and heartwarming, but also had me aggravated; but I like to feel emotional for the characters. Great job, once again, Gurtler.
review 2: If I Tell was really good!I love how Janet focuses on topics/issues that a lot of other authors don't really write about.This story made me emotional and I was so invested into the characters and what they were going through.I feel like this ended with a lot of questions left unanswered, but that's almost every book nowadays.I also really liked how some of the characters in this book reappear in Who I Kissed...I love when authors connect their stories. less
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I mean the book wasn't awful but totally predictable.
Great book. A must read
This book was great
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