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The Dragons Of Noor (2010)

by Janet Lee Carey(Favorite Author)
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1606840355 (ISBN13: 9781606840351)
review 1: Ill prophecies are coming true in the land: the trees holding together the ethereal world of Oth and earthly world of Noor are drying, dragons are coming out into the open in expectation of ending their exile from Oth, and Noor children are being stolen away by a violent wind. It is up to Hanna and Miles to find solutions to all these events, especially after their younger brother is stolen. Finally, their quest leads them to the mighty dragons. With the dragons’ help, they are able to breach the fading connection between the two worlds to discover the stolen children, return the dragons back to their homeland of Oth, and heal the original World Tree to rebuild the connection between the two worlds. Miles, Hanna, and the worlds of Oth and Noor return again in this compan... moreion book to The Beast of Noor. Readers will see how the events of the first book shape the lives of Hanna and Miles as they face even more chaos and catastrophe. They are the only people alive on Noor to have experienced a connection to Oth. That connection sets them apart to handle the task of healing the two worlds. Carey is a master world-builder in creating a place unlike anything readers have ever seen, with worlds that have emotion, heart, and drive. In this case, Carey’s worlds are more characters than settings. The Dragons of Noor is a totally engrossing, past-paced read that any fantasy fan would enjoy. (Found on Children's Book and Play Review)
review 2: I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed this book! While I've not read the first book in this series, The Beast of Noor, I had no problems reading The Dragons of Noor with out being lost at all in the story. It's a fantastic fantasy that both young readers and older readers a like will enjoy.I really enjoyed the characters. Hanna has this amazing ability as a Dream Walker, Miles her brother is a shapeshifter and his best friend and wonderful love interest Taunier is a fire worker. Together the three of them are out to find their younger brother and find the rest of the missing children who have been swept away by the winds. The three will soon find out they are also the ones who will solve an ancient prophecy, with the help of The Dragons of Noor.Not only is the adventure these three go on engaging and fun, but I really enjoyed watching how much each of their characters grow. I loved the family dynamics between Hanna and Miles who will do anything to protect each other and find their younger brother. I also enjoyed watching the romance between Hanna and Taunier grow from friends into something much more, as it's sweet, innocent romance. I really admired the fact that they both knew of each other's secrets and have been there to support one another long before they fell in love, and their acceptance of one another is something I loved.The prophecies are a wonderful mix to their adventures to save the ancient lands and protect the magic that lies there, but it wouldn't be complete with out the dragons. I fell in love with the dragons, as each of their personalities and characters really shown through in the story as well. I'm picky when it comes to reading dragons stories, and I'll admit it wasn't hard to fall in love The Dragons of Noor. It's also the blend of other magical creatures that made the story, like the tree spirits from the waytrees. The waytrees in this story are also characters in their own rights, but I can't say more or it may spoil some of the plot.Combing a fierce loyalty to the Queen of the dragons, Damausaun, and the bond forged from a close family, and friendship made for relatable characters with not only Hanna, Miles and Taunier, but also the Dragons. I adored the world that Janet created. Set in a beautiful land, with mythological creatures, magic and strong, the characters made this story I would highly recommend. I am looking forward to reading more of Janet's books and I'm hoping there will be more books in this series. less
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I couldn't get into this book. The first one in the Noor Series (If it is one) is much better.
Oops, didn't realize this was a sequel to Beasts of Noor...
I read this before it's prequel but it was still good.
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