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Feensommer: Dreimal Verwünscht, Verliebt Für Immer (2012)

by Janette Rallison(Favorite Author)
4.15 of 5 Votes: 4
3401503758 (ISBN13: 9783401503752)
Arena Verlag
My Fair Godmother
review 1: La verdad es que estos libros de My Fair Godmother son tan genialosos, gracioso y divertidos que se han convertido es unas de las lecturas que más me han hecho pasarla en grande y a las carcajadas. Contienen mucho humor y sobre todo, es un licuado de cuentos de hadas muy loco. Aunque este segundo libro, en mi opinión no sobrepasa al primero (que no tiene nombre lo genial que fue y subió mis espectativas hasta las nubes) me gustó. Si bien siento que le faltó mas densidad en ciertas áreas de la historia, los personajes siguen siendo igual de entrañables, todos como víctimas de la hada loca fashionista de Crissy. La verdad es que me he quedado con ganas de más, y pocas veces digo esto, pero ojalá la autora nos regale una tercera entrega de las aventuras de Crissy y ... moresu pase a la universidad de hadas.
review 2: I haven't picked up a J. Rallison book in a good two or three years, but I decided to try this one because I remembered liking her books and especially the first book of this set. Of course, as I dove into this book I was instantly reminded of all the reasons I love Rallison- her books are genuinely funny, but not in a cliche or cheesy way. They have a certain wit to them that I adore in her writing. They're almost always centered a general theme of "love," and not just the romantic type, but that of a family's or a friendship's. Tansy is an adorable character, and although I don't come from a separated-parents home, Rallison does a great job of making her characters relatable and understandable. There was a couple of parts of this story where I felt it dragged a little bit, because I was anxious for Tansy to just get home already, but the ending was absolutely perfect and left me with this cozy, loving feeling. I, of course, look forward to the next one. Applause to Miss JR. less
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I think I liked the first one more, but this was still a fun read.
Liked this much better than the first one.
Owwwww :3 Simplemente diré que lo AME!
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