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Unchain My Heart (2000)

by Jani Kay(Favorite Author)
4.27 of 5 Votes: 2
Scorpio Stinger MC
review 1: CARMIE'S REVIEW - You know that song "Janie's got a gun"? Well, this Jani don't got a gun - she's got crazy talent with her magical fingers and keyboard (or pen)!After reading Ryder and Two Worlds Colliding I wondered if Jani could do the three-peat - and I am so happy to tell you all she did it! [bows down and kisses Jani's feet].I really like the way that Jani tells her stories - with the POV switching from character to character and she makes it work! I don't have to tell you all how unusual that is. It wasn't just Ryder and Jade making Unchain My Heart a great read. We got to know Harrison and Eva quite a bit better. Oh, the irony of Harrison falling for Eva (Ryder's half-sister) when Harrison can't stand the thought of his sister, Jade with Ryder. It's obvious w... morehen the two met that Jani had some plans for them.Back to Ryder and Jade - things were getting pretty tense between Cobra and Ryder towards the end of Two Worlds Colliding; Cobra was pressuring Ryder to pick between Jade and the Scorpio Stinger's. Ryder heads to New York with Jade to do some work for his brother Max and give Cobra time to cool off. Aside from Jade getting airsick during the trip everything went great in New York and they are back before they know it.SO...that bout of airsickness leads to Jade having a bun in the oven. Jade is worried that Ryder will leave as soon as he finds out but Jade is thrilled. Jade dreads telling her parents and Harrison - she knows that Harrison will flip his lid! She can imagine the hurt he will feel because Amy and the baby where taken cruelly from him in a gun fight between two motorcycle gangs and now his sister is pregnant by a motorcycle gang member. No one expects what happens next.......Did I mention that Jani is the queen on sub-plots and storylines? There is so much going on - in a good way - that you're not really sure where she is gonna go with the story. She definitely keeps you on your toes. I can't wait to get my hands on the next Scorpio Stinger's book or anything else Jani writes!
review 2: What can I say about this book but damn. After reading the first two books in this series I knew that I would not be disappointed one bit. I love Seeing more of Ryder and Jade but I really loved the idea of getting into Harrison's head and seeing what is going on there. The addition of Eva was the best ever and the fact that she reminded Harrison of Amy was the best. I liked the fact that no one could get to Harrison like Eva and their story was HOTT. It was also nice to see a continuation of Ryder and Jade and see what they were up to and how they were going to play out. This book took me through some ups and downs and twists and turns. I was at the edge of my sit biting my nails trying to see what was going to happen and than the end came and all I could say was NOOOOOO!!!!!__________________________________________________________ less
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I really loved the story of Ryler and Jade, not so much the one of Eva and Harrison..
Great read. Love the series
loving this books
3.80. Ratbag :(
3.5 stars
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