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Queen Of The Waves (2012)

by Janice Thompson(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 3
1609366867 (ISBN13: 9781609366865)
Summerside Press
review 1: No. I was really disappointed! The ship didn't even sink until the book was almost over. I was hoping that would be the main part of the book. Tessa and Nathan fell in love in three days... not cool, not realistic in the least. In these other books, I struggle with it being several months. Days...No. Things were left unexplained... did Nathan's dad really just let her come to his house to live with his son? Why was that other man Nathan's father? Why weren't more people scared on the boat? When did Tessa have time to meet this grandmother? When did Roland become so sweet and understanding? What the heck was wrong with Peter? He was made out to be the hero of the story, yet he was leading some girl on just to dump her? What! How did Manca's father get on board? Why didn't I... more cry on this horrific story? She kept using the same phrases over and over...I wonder if she had to hurry to meet a deadline? Anyway, I found it hard to believe that this was like her eightieth book instead of her first. It was kind of rough, like the Atlantic was, only she forgot to mention that. I would not want to read this again.
review 2: The premise of this novel was interesting, and the author had clearly researched the events that occurred on the Titanic. I enjoyed it until about 3/4 of the way through when faith in God became the only plot point. The ending was lame when all of the main characters accepted their fates as the will of God. The only characters who did not find religion were the adulterers, who predictably ended up going down with the ship, presumably to a cold, watery hell. I was disappointed to find that the well-written beginning of this novel ended as a not particularly interesting advertisement for God. less
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Good story until it turned in to an obvious Christian advertisement.
I LOVED this book!!!! Just read it.
Really enjoyed this book!!
I really liked it!
Cover love
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