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Hammerhead (2011)

by Jason Andrew Bond(Favorite Author)
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1463571917 (ISBN13: 9781463571917)
review 1: I enjoyed Jason's book, Hammerhead, more than I initially thought I would. I picked up the book because I know Jason from when we were in college. I was pleasantly surprised at how the book got better the more I read. I found the characters very relatable and found myself more engaged in their well being than I anticipated. I don't typically read science fiction so if you do you will probably enjoy this even more. I've read some fairly prominent science fiction authors and I enjoyed Hammerhead more than those titles. Don't let my three star rating be misleading - I still enjoyed the book and would recommend it. It's just that it would be challenging for me to rate any science fiction novel highly since it isn't what I normally enjoy.I'm glad that Jason has made a ca... morereer change to writing and I can't wait to see how he develops as an author. I'd love to see what he comes up with should he decide to embark on a fantasy series.I hope you take the opportunity to pick up this title, especially if you enjoy this genre. Well done Jason - I can't wait to see what you have for us next.
review 2: I got this as either an Amazon Prime loan or free download. Can't remember. The book pushed all my buttons... in a good way. Great sci-fi action adventure and a great lead character with well conceived backstory. I think there could have been more development with the "did the war really happen" concept. It felt underplayed. There were certainly moments (ala "Total Recall") where our hero wonders if he is just going nuts, but these were mostly internal struggles vs. looking at whatever everyone else in world believes to be true. Didn't really appreciate the torture-as-acceptable-solution approach, as used a few times - especially by the good guys. Also, there was a deus ex machina element towards the end - something coming out of left field to turn things around. I didn't really buy it. Would've liked to see a resolution created more by the actions of the lead characters.So, some minor quibbles, but all in all, a fun summer read. I'll be watching for more from this author. less
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A very good read! I hope Jason Andrew Bond writes sequels to this excellent story...
For a first novel, it's very, very good. Well edited and the pacing is excellent.
What a great read. Did not put the book down till I finished it!
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