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A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home (2012)

by Jason Arnopp(Favorite Author)
3.61 of 5 Votes: 5
Retribution Books
review 1: This was a fun novelette with a very novel idea. Written as a letter from a previous home owner to the current one regarding...well you can figure that out by the title. It has that campfire spooky tale vibe, my better half and I actually took turns reading it to each other, which was awesome and gave me a renewed appreciation of the professional audio book readers. Very entertaining creepy supernatural story.
review 2: This is a new interpretation of the classic genre of ghost story and is interesting and original. It didn't send cold shivers down my spine or build the suspense like your classic Victorian ghost story might do, but it was interesting and original enough to keep me curious about how it would all pan out. I have to admit being a little disappoi
... morented with the end result of how to get rid of your entity - it was a bit unlikely and left me a little flat. Still, it's a new twist on the genre which is always interesting to read and it's certainly well-written. If you like ghost stories, this might interest you. less
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Short, creepy and fun! The pacing was excellent, can't wait to read more by Mr. Arnopp.
I read this and really got into it, the phone rang, I had to scraped off the ceiling!!!
Short but absolutely terrifying. My insomnia will no doubt be worsened as a result!
Unique and gripping.
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