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The Cross Gardener (2010)

by Jason F. Wright(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 4
0425233286 (ISBN13: 9780425233283)
Berkley Hardcover
review 1: This book was about a man that loses his wife and leaves him with a young daughter. He has a hard time moving on. He goes to the cemetery as well as to the place in the road where she died every day sometimes more than once. Along the road he has placed crosses for her and their unborn son. One day as he approaches he see this man painting the crosses. This man helps him heal somewhat with the conversations he has each time they meet. It was a different book somewhat enjoyable.
review 2: I'm glad i picked this book during the last BBW book sale. I always liked the spiritual genre, and Jason F. Wright didn't fail to deliver with a great storytelling and a wonderful story. I almost thought that John had actually been dead or maybe is going to die when the s
... moretory finally revealed that the cross gardener was actually his own dead son. The story would have a thrilling end if it is. My only problem is the cross gardener (John's dead son)is almost real human who exists in John's life. Thus when realising that he's just a dead soul in the end makes me wonder whether this story is instead another genre (fantasy). less
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Love love love this book. If you've ever had someone close to you pass you will love this book.
Sad story, but good to help people understand what a person would go through while grieving.
Only read half, but clean. Just too much emotion - family dying
Enjoyable, and it made me cry.
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