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Half Past Midnight (2011)

by Jeff Brackett(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 4
Telemachus Press, LLC.
review 1: Apocalyptic thriller, complete with chapter introductions courtesy of Nostradamus. Despite predictable plot (apocalypse brings out the best and worst in people) and flat characters (mostly thoroughly evil or somewhat perfect or a "redshirt" cannon fodder), the pace is relentless. Almost impossible to put down, but when away from the narration it is also difficult to pick back up ("Why am I reading this?").
review 2: I really loved this book. I am a huge fan of the new show Revolution. This book is a lot like the show. The characters trying to survive in a very hostile world. A crazy egomainical villian, and many many more similarities. The author made me care about his characters and what happened to them. I would have gladly paid for this book had I known ho
... morew good it was!!!!!! I got it through one of the sites offering free ebooks. I hope Mr Brackett comes up with another gem like this, I will be first in line. less
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Interesting doomsday book. It's not incredibly well-written, but it's entertaining.
I tried to slog my way through but the story line started badly and got worse.
Sometimes a little slow but altogether a pretty good book.
Not at all what I expected ... Disappointing.
Enjoyed it.
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