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Torpedo: A Surface Warfare Thriller (2000)

by Jeff Edwards(Favorite Author)
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0595325327 (ISBN13: 9780595325320)
review 1: One Word: YES! I won this book in a Goodreads 'First Reads' giveaway.Can I just tell you, how much I LOVE free books! ESPECIALLY ones that are signed, that are AWESOME! This book is pretty much non-stop action from start to finish, and it was QUITE the finish! The explanations and detail that have gone into this book are incredible, and even though you kind of think you know how it's going to end, the way that it ends is still quite intense and not exactly as cut and dry as you'd like to think before you get to it. It's a nail biter for sure. I wish this book were a documentary! I do NOT wish that this situation happened in real life (although it really does happen, albeit to a slightly less level, on a daily basis in this world) but - the way Jeff Edwards explains the com... morebat, and the way that the torpedo's mechanics are explained .. I REALLY wish that I could SEE it happening, and view in detail, visually, what he's so greatly explaining in words. Another awesome thing, is that I may be able to get my husband, who is absolutely NOT a reader, to read this book, just because of the sheer quality and quantity of tactical warfare and suspense. This books is also funny. There are mentions of several nicely places items, such as Tactical Goats and Top Notch, highly expensive Naval gear that is somehow foiled by a potato ... You'll have to read it to get that one ... haha. Anyways! This is a great book. One of the best I've read in quite awhile, and I highly look forward to buying Jeff Edwards secondary book, "The Seventh Angel"GO FORTH AND BUY I SAY! - CJ
review 2: Jeff Edwards' Sea of Shadows (Stealth Books 2010) is a marvelous military thriller, especially if you're a SWO officer serving on an American Destroyer. The story posits an oil-impoverished German nation, forced to trade some of the most modern weapons in the world to terrorists to get the oil the country can't survive without. The plot revolves around the US and Britain's efforts to stop delivery of these weapons--which include 3 ultra-modern submarines--as they transit from Germany, through the Med, down the Red Sea and almost to their port in the mythical nation of Siraj without starting the next world war. Throughout, the reader is regaled with political strategizing and naval battles the likes of which haven't been seen since WWII, nor shared so succinctly since Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors.If there is a protagonist in the story, it is a 20-year surface warfare veteran, Chief Petty Officer McPherson on the USS Towers. As the story unfolds, the Towers is battered by the enemy, but keeps coming back with creative attacks and strategies, often thanks to the out-of-the-box thinking of the Chief Petty Officer and the support of her Captain. Edwards does a masterful job of building suspense with tremendous detail in Naval strategy--if you're a casual reader of military thrillers, you might even think there's too much detail--and believable insight in the politics behind planning war-aversion strategies.My only complaint about this naval thriller is that the action takes too long to start. Thrillers should jomp right in. this one takes close t five pages before we get the first crisis. Overall, Sea of Shadows has good plot pacing, lots of intelligent action with riveting climaxes, exactly what makes me want to read Edwards' next book.You can buy this book on Amazon for $12.99, but I'd suggest you visit Edwards website a get it free--but hurry. That's a limited time offer. less
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pretty griping story, covered the last half in 3 days, looking forward to reading the next one
Couldn't put it down, very riveting. A real page turner.
after a few pages it is a fast paced thriller
a cannot put down book...
very nice thriller
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