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Far From The War (2011)

by Jeffrey David Payne(Favorite Author)
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0983732205 (ISBN13: 9780983732204)
Roche Harbor Books
review 1: The first few chapters of Far From the War were slow and a little hard to read to the point I put the book down and told my husband that I didn't think I could read anymore. However, we still had a good hour to go in the car so I picked it back up and continued reading just to kill the time and I'm so happy I did. The story really drws you in and captures your undivided attention.Esther is a strong and independent young lady who makes an incredible leading character. She is truly focused on what she wants for her future in the opening of the book however once the war begins her focus shifts to survival and getting home. She truly grows as a character. I loved getting to know her.The people she met added so much to the story. Rachel, one of her roommates in DC, was so much ... morefun! She was outgoing, rich and very opinionated. I loved how she finally broke away from her family and figured out what she really wanted to do. Gwen, a liberal, became her best friend. I love how Gwen and Esther were able to overcome their differences!! Oh and let's not forget Matt who was super sweet.The love in this story added hope to a brutal war story. Gwen and Chad showed us that no matter what love will help you enjoy life even though it was for a very short time. I think this helped Esther so that once love presented itself she was prepared for it. Esther's and Matt't relationship moved fast but for once I wasnt upset about it. In the situation and not knowing what might happen you must act when you can.The war iteself was raw, graphic and gruesome, however, it wasn't a bad thing. I appreciated the honesty. The authorpresented the war with so much detail you thought you were there. You felt what Esther felt. You met soldiers and people on both sides and sometimes it was hard to keep up with who's who because both sides truly believed in their causes.Far From the War is not a light-hearted novel. It is a heart-wrenching novel on the effects of civil war. It is a book that has profoundly touched me. It has me pondering about what I would do in order to protect my family and myself.I can't wait for the next book in this series, The Mail Still Runs, but in the meantime do yourself a favor and go buy thic book immediately, read it and pass it along. The more people who read this novel and experience will acquire knowledge that I feel is essentional to our future as well as our childrens. This novel will have you thinking and contemplating because of the realistic feeling.
review 2: I would like to thank everyone involved with the Goodreads Firstreads program for the opportunity to read this book since I REALLY enjoyed it. It seems weird to say that given the nature of the content, but the story was so compelling I finished this book in just a few days and probably could have read it in one sitting. The story, about the US when the next civil war breaks out, certainly made me think about the current economic and political situations and actually made me appreciate my brother's doomsday kit for the first time! It also slightly reminded me of The Stand, another book that I love, so that was an added bonus. The only drawback is that I have to wait eight months before book 2 comes out. less
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Well. This book. Fantastic and terrifying. That's about it for now - a review will be up next week.
Frickin' amazing! Review to come soon!
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