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The Parent Trip: From High Heels And Parties To Highchairs And Potties (2008)

by Jenna McCarthy(Favorite Author)
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097991356X (ISBN13: 9780979913563)
Bella Luna Press
review 1: I knew when I bought this book that it was NOT an instruction manual for babies or parenthood of any kind BUT that instead that it was book "guaranteed to make me laugh." And laugh I did! This was a fun light read that made me giggle, chuckle and cry from laughing so hard in every chapter and help me to feel like I wasn't the only one going crazy with trying to do it all before the baby comes (and after.) Some of my favorite lines were:{This quote comes from the authors first attempts at using a breast pump.} "The maiden voyage is terrifying. I watch in horror as as it draws my nipple out until it is approximately eight feet long. I desperately want to turn the machine down or off, but I'm afraid if I let go of the funnels my breast tissue will get completely sucked into t... morehe motor!"One of the chapters is titled, "Is my baby okay? (a field guide to overreacting.)" This chapter talks about fevers, doctors visits and poop. "What color is her poop supposed to be? I realize this would be considered a taboo subject if I were talking about my own doo-doo, but seriously. She consumes ONE THING AND ONE THING ONLY. Shouldn't the subsequent waste matter be one consistent, uniform color? You'd think so, but no. On any given day it might be green, yellow, brown, black, orange, even white. Apparently, it's "all normal."
review 2: I read this because my good friend's friend wrote it. It's a cleverly written book about a woman's experience with pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. It was hilarious and extremely candid. I learnt a lot and to be honest, it's made me terrifed to become a parent! I had NO idea that milk squirts out in all directions from your nipples :-O ! I would definitely recommend this to anyone contemplating parenthood (women AND men) and to those that have gone down that road. less
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LOVED this book. A MUST read for all mom and mom's to be!
Soon funny!!! Was laughing so hard I would be crying!!
Good stuff, very funny, easy to read and enlightening.
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