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Pride Mates (2010)

by Jennifer Ashley(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 2
0843960051 (ISBN13: 9780843960051)
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Shifters Unbound
review 1: Another book that showed me that I am PNRed out. I am just all, sigh, why even bother.It was good, I did try my best, but it was a bit over 100 pages where it all fell part for me. I just could not be bothered about the heroine, or the hero wo went all mine. And all the rest. Still I saw that it could have been good for me a few years ago. But now I might be over most pnr books.Anyway, a story about a woman who meets a sexy shifter, has hot sex, saves a life and lives happily ever after. Boring for me
review 2: I probably won't be reading this a second time. That being said, it isn't bad. It isn't even close to the worst Alpha-Male Romance I've sat through. But this is a rough beginning to a series. Kim, the lawyer with a heart of gold, faces off with shifters
... moreto defend a shifter charged with murder. Not a bad plot but it was a little weak in demonstrating Kim's lawyer abilities. And, to be honest, she's a bit thick. Or maybe Jennifer Ashley didn't think we quite got the tension between humans and Shifters because we are hit over the head repeatedly (Throughout the series) with "But the collars have tamed them." I think the biggest weakness in this book (not really illustrated in the rest of the books) is the callous approach to racism. Liam and the other shifters have lived so long they're totally above feeling injured by the racism against them, leaving the wiry Kim to fight their battle all alone. I think this is a very privileged perspective from someone who has never been refused service or blatantly targeted. All that aside the romance is decent. Girl meets Shifter Boy. Insta-Mate-Love begins. Girl struggles to maintain independence and is totally overpowered by the men, but it's cool cause he's so hot and protective (Little bit of sarcasm there.) If you're in an awesome feminist mood, don't read this series. But I did enjoy the bulging muscles, snarky woman, and twisting road of love. It may not be much of a recommendation, but I'll say this. Struggle through this book because it sets up some precedence necessary for the rest of the series. less
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Very poor writing, the narrator was horrible and the story was lame.
Great "new to me" series. Full review to come...
A really hot and suspense filled romance!
Oh my good liam. Love him
Nice read
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