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Mate Claimed (2012)

by Jennifer Ashley(Favorite Author)
4.2 of 5 Votes: 1
1101611472 (ISBN13: 9781101611470)
Penguin Group
Shifters Unbound
review 1: I love shifters and this series is really fun, but this book dragged for me. Iona just wasn't a captivating character because she didn't really have a personality. Eric was ok, his character already having been firmly established in previous books but that wasn't enough to get me into his and Iona's relationship.However, I still ended up liking the book because of some great side characters. Penny, her mother, had such an interesting history and I loved how the story ended with her at the ceremony with more surprises. But if it weren't for Graham I might not have even continued the book at all. He was so grouchy and funny lol. And last but not least, meeting the new tiger man was intriguing. So it really was the side characters that got me through this one. Here's hoping t... morehe next main characters aren't as boring as Iona lol
review 2: MATE CLAIMED is the fourth novel in the Shifters Unbound series. It is the story of Eric Warden, the leader of the Las Vegas Shiftertown. He has a grown son and lost his mate. He sees Iona Duncan, who is half Shifter but masquerading as human. Readers of the series will recall that Shifters are seriously discriminated against by humans and Iona has no desire to subject herself to that along with risking her mother and sister who might face trouble for having hidden her nature. Eric is seriously attracted to Iona immediately and wants to protect her but he knows that if she doesn't come to terms with her Shifter side soon, she risks becoming feral and losing herself in her animal side completely.This story was great. It is sexy and really compelling. The discrimination toward Shifters is on full display here. There is also an interesting story dealing with a new group of lupines being moved unwillingly to Shiftertown and the conflicts that arise. What sets these books apart is the detailed world that Ashley has created. Eric and Iona are compelling characters with depth and interest. The heat between these two felines is blazing.Rating 4.5. less
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I thought I would like this one more than I did. Still, it's good; just not great, for me.
Of all the books so far in this series, this one probably had the most stuff going on....
Constant sex, which distracted reader from several good plots.
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