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Such A Rush (2012)

by Jennifer Echols(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 5
145165801X (ISBN13: 9781451658019)
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review 1: This really should have been a book about a strong female character with actual goals and personality and agency. It was set up that way. But ultimately ended up being about one relationship based on decite, and the other based on douchebaggery. So a book about female autonomy ended up being relegated to a book about what boy the main character should kiss and why. Disappointing doesn't begin to describe this book.
review 2: Leah has grown up in countless run-down trailer parks by airports all her life, and instead of complaining about the noise like everyone else she decides to get a job at the airport doing little chores. This supplies her with money that she uses to save up one day for a flight lesson at 14 with Mr. Hall. When they take off she finds her se
... morelf captured in this beautiful above-ground world and is hooked on flying from then on. When Leah is a senior in high school Mr. Hall dies from a heart attack leaving his twin sons, Grayson and Alec, in charge of his banner company. However, both of these boys are 18 and have no clue what they're doing and how they're going to do it. Desperate for pilots, Grayson blackmails Leah into flying for his company: He holds a forged signature above her head that could cost her her flying career and also demands she date his twin brother over spring break without any explanation. That wouldn't be so tough if only she hadn't secretly loved Grayson for 3 and a half years. This story follows her spring break with Grayson, Alec, and her best friend as they try to save the company and save themselves and their friendship. This book is in no way shape of form a summery rom com. However, it is a great book and it follows 4 teenagers discovering themselves. It's also vaguely about the terrible relationship between Leah and chip on her shoulder. So as an aspiring airline pilot I loved this book so much. Every time Echols described the feeling of being up in the air I imagined me up there too, and let me say, it was a perfect explanation of what you feel like when the yoke is in your hands. I loved how Grayson was making her date Alec even though she didn't want to. I was just as confused as Leah about why he was making her do that. And when we found out the reason I was like "what? I didn't even think of that!"I for one I LOVED Grayson with all of my being. Sure he is annoying and doesn't really know his feelings but is such a hunk of a babe and I loved it.This book was just so good and everyone should read it, especially if you love flying! less
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enjoyed this a lot :) it was exactly what I was hoping it would be!
Totally read like YA, which is in no way a compliment.dnf.
no. i didnt finish it. i didnt get past the first chapter.
Sympa, j'attendais un peu plus d'intensité dramatique
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