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Forever Blue- 2013 Edition (2012)

by Jennifer Edlund(Favorite Author)
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Montlake Romance
Forever Blue
review 1: In high school, I couldn't get enough of this kind of boy-next-door novel. Now, I read these novels from time to time and still get the same enjoyment from them. They're captivating, sweet, suspenseful, and engaging. This book was no exception. The friendship between the main character, Alexa, and her new neighbour and only friend, Carter, was adorable to read. At times, their friendship seemed too good to be real. When their relationship suddenly ended, I really felt for Alexa. And when neither of them heard anything from one another for years, it reminded me of the notebook... Alexa wrote Carter every day for a year! That's sweet. The story continued on, mostly through Alexa's point of view, but sometimes from Carter's. Every time I read about Carter's behaviour as a roc... morek star, I couldn't help but think of a certain male Canadian pop star... Oops?! I couldn't believe that sweet, thoughtful boy from Alexa's past could be such a womanizer and get into trouble with the law. Anyway, I won't talk any more about the story, but will say that this book is a very cute and fast read. It's also a very simple story and very simply written. The one thing that aggravated me so much were the countless grammatical and typo errors. There were so many of them! I really hope the author does another read through her book and corrects these errors for future publications. There is a sequel to this book, and I'm sure it's a great story, but I won't be reading it any time soon. Right now, I'm happy leaving the future story up to my imagination!
review 2: NOTE: I RECEIVED THIS BOOK FOR FREE THROUGH GOODREADS FIRST READS IN EXCHANGE FOR A HONEST REVIEW.I totally loved this book. A childhood sweetheart coming back into your life. Every girls dream. Definitely my dream! And he has also made a name for himself and is a pop star. Even better! Great story line that had me wanting more. A book that I will definitely recommend to friends and family. Can't wait to read what happens next less
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3.5. Huge emotional roller coaster. Waiting for the happy ending and I'm not sure if it will happen.
Another book that ends on a breakneck cliffhanger-only this one almost ended mid conversation.
Another great drama-filled romance that keeps you captivated until the end....
I loved this book from beginnning to end. Great coming of age story.
enjoyed this book! 3.5 stars!
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