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Thread Of Death (2012)

by Jennifer Estep(Favorite Author)
4.06 of 5 Votes: 5
1451685327 (ISBN13: 9781451685329)
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review 1: Awesome Novella!!! If you guys have read any of my reviews then you know that I hate novellas but the author made me love this book as much as the other novels. We got a glimpse of Gin's last meeting with her arch nemesis, well if meeting anyone at their funeral while they are resting in a coffin is considered as a meeting then it counts and I loved the emotions that are there in Gin's heart for Mab. Even if she hates her but there is a sliver of respect in her black heart for her and admiration too which the readers got to experience in this book. Ah!!! Loved it!!!
review 2: Jennifer Estep is one of my favorite authors right now. I love Gin Blanco and the world Ms. Estep has set up. This novella takes place at Mab's funeral. Gin has come to say goodbye. It
... more is also a way for her to keep an eye on all the other power players. There are points of view from both Phillip and Jonah. Which was nice to read; from at least Phillip anyway. Jonah can rot in hell for all I care. We get glimpses of some new characters and the story hints at things to come. less
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it was filler. I like the fact that it's from the perspective of some of the other characters.
Whoooo? Who is the mysterious woman??? I need the new books, like right now :D
Love this series!!!
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