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News From Heaven: The Bakerton Stories (2013)

by Jennifer Haigh(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 4
0060889640 (ISBN13: 9780060889647)
review 1: For a ground-level glimpse of small-town America that’s vanishing before the eyes of its dwindling residents, read this collection of interconnected short stories. The stories take place in Bakerton, Pennsylvania, a coal town that has been mined out and is now collapsing in on itself, and in various locales where Bakerton residents have gone to build new lives. Although the locale and characters expand on Haigh’s 2005 novel Baker Towers, you don’t need to have read the book to appreciate the stories. (Although you should read Baker Towers – it’s wonderful!)
review 2: Another fascinating book by Jennifer Haigh, one of my favorite contemporary fiction writers. This one is different from her previous four only in that it is made up entirely of short stor
... moreies, focusing again on the fictional town of Bakerton, Pennsylvania and it's working-class citizens, who were also the subject of her novel Baker Towers. Each story has an element of tragedy and sadness, but there is hope as well. Haigh avoids the cliches that are too easy to fall into when writing about small-town life in America. Every character is totally believable. less
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Every story touched me deeply. I had to put the book down between them to pause and think about life
Interconnected short stories using characters from 'Baker Towers'...
I like books that are more upbeat...this left me feeling a bit blah.
Beautiful connected collection of short stories. Loved every page.
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