Poet Crush of the Week

Oh, Rudy!

I have decided my first official tradition I would like to implement on my blog will be poet crushes. There are a lot of talented poets out here, a few of them who are actually a tremendous inspiration to my writing. My choice of this week is a poet who I’ve recently been following after seeing a viral Facebook video of one of his spoken word performances. His name is Rudy Francisco and he is absolutely phenomenal. His “My honest poem” lit a spark in me like I’ve never felt before. It was passionate, relatable, witty and now as me following him and his work like a love struck puppy. He recently released his first full collection of poetry titled “Helium”.  I had it pre-ordered on Amazon and was overcome with glee when I opened my mailbox to see it had come sooner than expected. It was everything I imagined:)! So congratulations Rudy,  you are my first official public poet crush and I am so excited to see what comes next for you. 

In the spirit of this tradition I have posted below my “My honest poem” inspired by Rudy’s work. Please be sure to pick up his book and check out the original.


My honest poem (inspired by you Rudy Francisco)


I was born July 5th. That

makes me a cancer, Everyone

loves a cancer.


I’m 5’5

and a half. I weigh…

a lot.


I can swim only enough

to save my life if need be,

but I’m always able to stay afloat.


I’m still learning how to properly  

Socialize, years of battling with

social anxiety really took a toll on me.


I hate confrontation. I’ll avoid it by any

means because I don’t like conflict. 

I never get angry because I don’t handle it well.


Other people’s awkward moments make me 

feel awkward. I will carry your discomfort

as my own.


I have a love/hate relationship with hugs.

I like them but I can’t tell if my chest is

too invasive to the other party. 


I’ve been told I’m too cautious

and I should live a little. Truth is 

I’m the bravest scaredy cat I know.
I’m not sure if I believe in unconditional 

love. This is mostly because I’m not 

entirely sure I’ve ever received it. 


My coordination sucks. Recently I 

dropped my standards while trying to

balance it with my dignity and self-worth.


Now I never really know

if I like someone for them or

simply because they like me back.


I care what people think of me.

When I hear giggles that I’m not

included in I assume I’m the joke.


I’m carrying a backpack full of

mistakes down a twisted road

that I have no idea where it leads to.


I may not be able to carry a tune but I can sing

you some blues. I over analyze things and even if

I know there’s no remedy I still try to apply a band-aid.


Often times my mind gets frozen

in thoughts of what could have,

would have and should have been. 


Hello, my name is Denedra.

I enjoy sorbet, people-watching

and laughing until my head hurts.


I cry often yet somehow, I still feel I 

don’t cry enough. I feel like I don’t allow

myself to hurt appropriately (whatever that means).


Of all the feelings I go through each day, confused

is the most frequent. My hobbies include: Imagining 

myself in lives I think I deserve, giving excellent 


advice I’ll never be able to take myself

and convincing myself that one day

I’ll truly be happy.


I don’t know everything, but 

I do know that life is full of music.

You can find rhythm in almost anything.


My favorite place to find this rhythm 

is in my heart because as long as

I can hear it, I know I still have time to dance. 




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