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Small As An Elephant (2011)

by Jennifer Richard Jacobson(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 5
0763641553 (ISBN13: 9780763641559)
Candlewick Press
review 1: "Spinning" is the word used to describe Jack Martel's mother when she is having an episode. "Spinning" is also a word I would use to describe my mind as it raced throughout the story "Small as an Elephant," due to the episode Jack's mom had that left him stranded in Acadia National Park. With no resources, food or money, Jack is faced with a dilemma: to tell the police, or to run. To most people, this would not be a dilemma at all, as running would be dangerous, risky, and simply not an option. But for Jack, who loves his mom more than anyone, it would be much too difficult to tell the police, as this would surely send his mother to jail, which would in turn separate the two. Such logic makes up his mind, sending him on his own, with the exception of his toy elephant, in M... moreaine, far from home. At eleven years old, homeless seems impossible. But for Jack, homeless is the right thing to do. Here are some questions/ideas to think about after reading "Small as an Elephant"1. What is the relationship between Jack and his mother? Jack and his grandmother?2. Justify Jack's actions in the story. Why couldn't he have just told the police in the first place? Justify Jack's mother's actions in the story. Why did she leave Jack alone on their vacation?3. What inferences can you make about the ending of the story? How has Jack's life worsened, and how has it improved?4. What choice would you have made if you were in Jack's position? Would you run, or would you have reported what happened to the police?5. What is your opinion of Big Jack, and why do you feel that way?Jacobson, Jennifer. Small as an Elephant. Somerville, MA: Candlewick, 2011. Print.
review 2: Small as an Elephant by Jennifer Richard JacobsonCharacters- Jack Martel: An eleven-year-old boy who wakes up on the first day of his camping trip with his mom at Acadia National Park and is dumbfounded at what he sees. He starts on a long journey ahead of him and meets many new friends that help him along the way.- Jack’s Mom: A young women who has her “spinning” moments where in a way she is like a little kid that eats a bag of candy, and in these moments she acts very immaturely. These are the times where she puts her relationship with her son in jeopardy.- Big Jack: A middle aged man who gives Jack vital information for his journey and helps him keep calm and not get so frustrated on why this conflict had to happen.- Sylvie: An eighth grade girl that Jack meets along the way that is very willing to help him. She comforts him and becomes part of the journey too.- Wyatt: Wyatt is Sylvie’s cousin and was asked by Sylvie to help out with Jack and sure enough he did. He assisted Jack when he was trying to fulfill his dream to see Lydia, the only elephant in Maine.Summary of the Plot- Jack wakes up the morning after a long car ride from Boston to Acadia National Park in Maine and he is thrilled about going to the ocean and hiking with his mom. He walks out of his tent and is confused at the sight. Where is his mom? Jack starts searching and meets friends along the way that change his life for the better. These people help him and guide him on where to go and how to not get caught by the police. After some bumps in the road, it is up to him to find his mom and to get back home.​​Explanation of the Conflict and Resolution- Jack must use all his knowledge to get home and with the help of his new friends he can go far. He must find food and shelters at night and it’s hard and risky to find a safe, warm place to sleep. After stealing, lying, getting stolen from and cold scary nights Jack finally got caught by the police, but then got rescued by Big Jack and luckily escaped from the officer. Although, the conflict creates incredibly daunting tasks for Jack, in the end they bring him closer to his grandmother and friends at home. To conclude, the conflict was tougher than the reader may have expected, but any other conflict may have brought him farther apart from his family or even separated from his mother forever.Explanation of Whether or Not I enjoyed the Book- I overall enjoyed this book because it took me into another world. I would zone off and only be paying attention to the book and not to my sisters asking me questions or my family. It made me feel like I was right there with Jack through the whole story. Furthermore, I also enjoyed this book because it taught me a lesson. It showed me that I can overcome an obstacle with out help from my parents or friends and that if I need help it is ok. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and it is one of my top recommendations for anyone. less
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I loved this book! It was an amazing story, and I would recommend it to anybody in any gender.
Big Jack was my favorite character.
I really liked this book
I LOVED this book!
So sad!!!
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