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Famous Last Words (2013)

by Jennifer Salvato Doktorski(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 4
0805093672 (ISBN13: 9780805093674)
Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)
review 1: If you like Sarah Dessen, you'll like this. The main character, Sam, begins as a shy girl who is trying to figure out who she is, where she fits in, and where she can shine. Although her best friend, Shelby, tries to include her, Sam knows that Shelby's choices of partying and romantic flings are not for her. In fact, Sam would rather spend a weekend night watching a John Hughes film with her mother. "That's the strange dichotomy of me. I love to watch idealized versions of kids my age, and yet, I don't know how to live among them. It's not high school I have the problem with; it's me in high school. I'm like the ugly step-sister trying to jam her big nasty foot into that delicate glass slipper" p 29. It is getting a summer internship at a local newspaper where Sam fi... morends "her people". I enjoyed reading about Sam's road to self-discovery. I also appreciated the healthy relationship she has with parents and grandmother. I especially loved the message that you find yourself when you stop worrying about yourself and your life story and start focusing on others and their stories.
review 2: I really enjoyed this book. I am a total fan of cheesy, teen lit and this one had a nice amount of depth as well. It revolves around a girl who works at the local newspaper and writes obituaries. This book was surprisingly deep for a chick lit novel and had fun little subplots involving news stories and relationships. This book is a definite read if you like light fiction that leaves you feeling really good about life. This book is cute, but also makes you question your life in the smallest way. Overall, I was left with a smile and with the question: What would my obituary look like? less
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Very interesting concept for a chick-flick book. I enjoyed it. Sweet light summer reading. :)
This book was hysterical and true to life. Such a good book! A very solid 5.
Maybe closer to 3.5 stars. Cute and light and totally "teeny-bop."
Loved it. Who knew? Haha ♥
I really enjoyed this book.
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