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Path Of The Wicked (Hope Street Church Mystery, #2) (2010)

by Jennifer Stanley(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 1
1410430375 (ISBN13: 9781410430373)
Thorndike Press
Hope Street Church Mystery
review 1: I like this series and am going to finish it out with book 3 The Way of the Guilty but there's something that I don't quite like. It might be the religious theme running through the books. I really enjoy the Amish books and series that I've read and those definitely have a religious theme to them. However, it feels more subtle to me. In this 2nd book in the series, the Bible Study items were more heavily woven into the story. The dialogue of the characters seemed a little forced too. Stanley was trying too hard to make Jake seem funny and Savannah so serene. It felt contrived and didn't flow well.I love Cooper and Nathan and Grammy. I really like Cooper's interactions with her family and her other coworkers. It just doesn't flow well when reading about the Bible Study grou... morep. This might be just me though.
review 2: This may not be for everyone. It does have religious overtones, but it is not preachy. The people are realistic for the most part. If you are a fundamental Christian, this book does not follow fundamental beliefs, so it is not for fundamentalists or for people who are easily offended by scripture. The middle of the road folks I think would enjoy this book and even be uplifted by the characters and the scriptures provided. It is entertainment & not meant to be a religious book so, if you can handle fiction and human failures in regard to life - then try it I think you will enjoy the book.It's not a cliff-hanger or to die for reading, but it is a nice read that can help remind us all that doing for others is better than doing for ourselves. less
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A fun new series and one I look forward to spending time with in the future.
Very cute Richmond-based series.
This was better than #1.
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