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And Then I Found Out The Truth (2010)

by Jennifer Sturman(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 5
0545087244 (ISBN13: 9780545087247)
Delia Truesdale
review 1: I think that this book was out standing I absolutely loved it! It showed that if you really want something then you have to work hard for it and that's exactly what Delia Truesdale did she was just an average girl who lived with her mother until her mother was sent to Buenos Aries and never came back. And Delia is left with her crazy aunt charley now she must find her mom alone with her boyfriend Quinn and Caroline a psychic lady who tells her and Quinn to go to Buenos Aries and look for Delia's mother. In the end they find her in Buenos Aries and go back home with everything normal again.
review 2: Delia's mom has been busy trying to save the environment down in Antarctica. But the big oil companies aren't fond of her attempts, and will stop at nothing to shu
... moret her up, including murder! Delia gets word that her mom is living underground in Argentina, where she's protected by a bodyguard, and safe...at least for the time being. Delia's been sent to New York City to live with her aunts, and is attending a very prestigious, private school. And there is a new boy around, Quinn, who turns out to be a romantic interest. Delia is ready to do some undercover work of her own to help her mom out, and put the criminals away. But things get complex, when she discovers Quinn's own step dad may be in on the plot to kill her mom. Going to Argentina seems like the only viable option to save her from danger...but will they be able to get there in time? This is the sequel to "And Then Everything Unraveled." less
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A satisfying conclusion. Three cheers for no cliffhanger! I love Delia's voice.
I ended up liking this book. Very easy read.
Good ending.
loved it!!!
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