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XOM-B (2014)

by Jeremy Robinson(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 2
1250031710 (ISBN13: 9781250031716)
Thomas Dunne Books
review 1: That was rough. I can't even get myself to push to 2/5.Rudimentary writing. True, I love my purple prose, but I don't require it. I've also definitely read and enjoyed simpler writing styles, but with the sheer amount of perfect reviews, I expected a higher caliber. Very clunky dialogue, which I realized about 80 pages in was not going to be advanced. I gave it the benefit of the doubt since we're dealing with a freshly sentient android learning as he goes; sure, his speech would be clunky in the beginning, I guess? It could be argued that this was intentional, but I just have to disagree.Cheesefest action and plot twists I could predict immediately. If I was physically capable of groaning for the entire span of reading this I would have.I understand that some concepts wer... moree unique, but just fell completely short of their potential. I do not agree with this 'revolutionary' stance some folks have here.Some reviewers have compared this to Philip K. Dick, Asimov, and Clarke which feels entirely insulting. If this is the standard for 5-star reviews of the zombie genre (ok, its a sci-fi-existential-stratification-humanity-questioning-zombie book... but whatever). I think I will continue to stay away from it. Further, all of these sub-genres were half-realized and transparent; each done better in other books. Although, I have read 'I, Zombie' and greatly enjoyed that, but apparently it is an exception in my experience.Three books in a row now disappointing me, but this one most of all. I actually went into this very excited for 'something different'. I didn't see what everyone else saw. I will not be reading anything else from this author, nor will I recommend this to anyone.
review 2: Entertaining view of post-apocalyptic view of society. Combines elements of I Robot, Walking Dead, and I Am Legend. In the near future, androids have risen up and taken over the world, committing mass genocide on humans. We are introduced to Freeman, an innocent young man who has no knowledge of the world. Is he human, or a robot? In the midst of this, the undead rise and start attacking the remnants of civilization. Fans of zombie, post-apocalypse, and robot genres will enjoy this. I also enjoyed Robinson's shameless plug of his Jane Harper novels. less
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Brilliant! A zombie novel that is entirely different than your regular run-hide-get eaten.
Science Fiction is not my cup of tea so I was not a big fan of this book.
An entertaining read with a unique twist on the zombie story.
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