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I Am Abraham: A Novel Of Lincoln And The Civil War (2014)

by Jerome Charyn(Favorite Author)
3.57 of 5 Votes: 4
0871404273 (ISBN13: 9780871404275)
Liveright Publishing Corporation
review 1: Jerome Charyn's novel, I Am Abraham was a very well-written novel, not only a fictitious tale of President Lincoln and his family, but about the perils of the Civil War. I wanted to love this book so much, yet the story line never grabbed me until the last chapter. Hence, the three stars. However, I found the novel interesting as it gave a peek into the possible life of this great president and the inner workings of his family and legacy. I will definitely recommend this book to history buffs and lovers of historical fiction.
review 2: I really like the writing style of this author and I mostly liked the premise of this novel. I wasn't wild about the 'story' part of it, though, as I was expecting a lot more of the traditional Abraham Lincoln history you get
... more in school. There was much more detail about the relationship between Abe and Mary, which was cool, and more about the role of their oldest son Bob. If you've seen the movie 'Lincoln' with Daniel Day Lewis and Sally Fields, you will need to put that story line our of your mind. This is much different. It stays away from slavery and emancipation while focusing on the politics of the civil way and the life of Abe leading up to his presidency. It's much more personal, though, as it's written in his voice as though it were a journal. I haven't yet looked to see how much of it is fiction and how much is fact, although the author does point out a few major fictional characters on the inside of the jacket cover. Overall this was a good long read, certainly worthy of the time it took to complete it. less
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I felt I was hearing The voice of Lincoln telling the tales of his youth and the war. Great book!
A little wordy but interesting. Lets you see the man, not just the President.
Interesting novel about Lincoln. The history came alive.
Just okay.
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