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Moonglass (2011)

by Jessi Kirby(Favorite Author)
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1442416947 (ISBN13: 9781442416949)
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
review 1: I really enjoyed this book. I thought it had nice, well-planned characters and a sturdy yet flexible plot. To me, the author had a nice, crisp, clean voice that is not recycled but all her own. I also liked the character of Jillian. Even though her sister died, she was still strong and didn't let tragedy slow her down. Literally. (Seriously, she's a really fast runner). The only part I didn't like is that it was unclear what Anna did on the top of...I think Ab rock during the storm. It was so jumbled and needing a comb to straighten straighten it out. I didn't get if she jumped off the rock after throwing out the piece of glass, or wasn't even on the rock at all and just fell down. Since I was confused her, it left me confused at the end when she found the piece of glass. ... moreThen I thought, "So, she did throw it.". But, that's really all that's wrong with it. Overall, it was a pretty great read and I will be reading more of this author.
review 2: I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I felt the emotions that Anna felt, and it made me laugh and cry. Tyler confused me, and I wanted him to show more emotion towards Anna. Also- I LOVED Ashley! She was hands down my favorite character. Hiding behind her oblivious rich girl facade was an incredibly sweet, kind and generous friend. I felt that she really brought the story to life. I would have preferred a little more action, but I guess that the tone of the book is a little more quiet. I recommend Moonglass to anyone looking for a good, emotional read. less
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The part that made me the angriest was when she bailed on a free luxury spa day. W T F
Beautiful novel. Well-written. Just wish it could go on longer or have a sequel.
4.5 stars
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