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Dein Eines, Wildes, Kostbares Leben (2014)

by Jessi Kirby(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 1
3440144488 (ISBN13: 9783440144480)
review 1: I am a sucker for books about choices and figuring out who you are. I relate to these stories so much, even now that I have a little bit bigger perspective than a senior in high school. Parker's story was perfect to me because it wasn't perfect. Young Adult fiction sometimes leads us girls into thinking that life is perfect and will be perfect - even the climax and fights all happen in weirdly perfect ways. This one was, in my opinion, realistic. It was flawed and that is what makes the story beautiful.
review 2: I really enjoyed this book. I was first intrigued to this book by the plot line, 2 teens go missing and a girl finds one of their AND goes on a road trip with her best friend and boy who likes and her (and she probably likes) YES PLEASE. This book has
... moreeverything I like in a book and I loved that. I loved Parker's character and the character development she went through. She went from a study all the time girl (like I am too) to a take some risks not live life by the book girl. Which I really admired about her. Kat I can't say that I liked, I found her kind of confusing and annoying so-called best friend. Although Trevor; I adored. I thought he was adorable with his 6 year crush on Parker. I felt like they wee going to end up together. We never got that closure though, she kissed him but who knows that happened after that. I do wish the author would have given the characters and their relationships more closure. Nevertheless I did very much enjoy this book. less
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I loved this book it was truly amazing. A fabulous story within a story about finding yourself.
Peach Award (4 stars)
This book is golden.
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