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Novemila Giorni E Una Sola Notte (2013)

by Jessica Brockmole(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 1
8842923329 (ISBN13: 9788842923329)
Editrice Nord
review 1: This is story of Elspeth and David who fall in love through letters-he started writing her as a fan of her poetry collection. The entire story is told through reading their letters in the early 1900s through WW1 and then through Margaret's (Elspeth's daughter) letters as she tries to piece together her mother's past at the start of WW2. I usually get annoyed with this form of writing but these letters swept me away in their story and their emotions. I was tearing up at the end-have to give five stars for that.
review 2: Stylistically, I really enjoyed the use of letter writing in this novel especially given the historical timeframe. The letters beautifully juxtapose the isolation of physical distance with a longing for intimacy. Where the novel starts to
... morewobble is in its originality. The plot construction is predictable and characters are clichéd. For a novel take takes place over the span of two World Wars, I was disappointed by how little the historical timeframe really seemed to feature. In the end, it was a decently written, but very superficial love story. It will definitely appeal to romantics who enjoy from time to time a neat, tidy and happy ending – I can say it did with me. less
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I loved this book. Romantic tale, many emotions and so enjoyable to experience!
I like the format war time is good told through letters
Love story. Not sappy.
4.5 stars
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