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Picking Up The Pieces (2000)

by Jessica Prince(Favorite Author)
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Picking up the Pieces
review 1: A simple story very beautiful written.This is the story of Emmy and Luke, best friends since there were kids until one night changed everything. Now eight years later we read how they straggle to forget the past, overcome the guilt and move forward.I was hooked from the very 1st page. There is nothing new in the theme of the story than what is out there and you know how it's going to end but I liked the writing and this plays a huge part in a story and determines if it's going to stand out of the rest. When I started reading it I thought that there were a lot of pages but then I looked at my Kindle app and show that I only had 22min left to read.It's that kind of story that keeps you reading and before you know it you are the last pages.
review 2: After a recom
... moremendation from a friend, I read and loved Picking Up The Pieces....Emmy & Luke have been friends forever. Long story short, after one night together Lucas decides he's not good enough for Emerson and breaks her heart.....in the worst possible way!Fast forward 8 years.Emmy is getting on with life, finally, after having gone through a really dark time.Luke has returned, determined that he's gonna put things right and make Emerson his - but does he fully comprehend the heartbreak, loss and sense betrayal he left in his wake when he baled?Emmy and Luke have a group of mutual friends who make up a fantastic supporting cast. A great gang who were there through it all for Emmy... It was interesting to watch how they reacted to the return of Luke!!I adored Savvy (and her smart mouth) who is Emmy's BFF. Can't wait to read about her and her ex Jeremy in their story... there's definitely something going on there!!!This story was all about love, loss and friendship. About picking up the pieces, moving forward and learning to trust again. It reeled me in from the start and kept me hooked.... Was loathe to put it down to even eat!!!If you love a book with a great story that can make you laugh and cry hard, that'll twist you in loads of directions and make you want to kick someone, grab a copy of Picking Up The Pieces, lock yourself away and get reading!!!! less
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Stop reading reviews and go buy thus book. Great characters. Love the then and now build up.
I really enjoyed this one. Can't wait to read more from this author.
4.5 stars
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