Cutting Dead Ends Isn’t Just For Your Hair

You have likely heard it time and time again, just as I have, “cut your dead ends so that your hair grows”. Your hair will grow longer, and stronger, and will ultimately look better. You are probably wondering where I am taking this, since I am by no means a hairdresser…

Today, I am here to tell you that cutting dead ends isn’t just for hair.

It applies to the people in your life as well. Now, don’t take that the wrong way and cut ties to everyone around you and live a reclusive life like Boo Radley in To Kill a Mockingbird. What I am trying to get across here is that some people are not meant to stay, and you do not deserve to be mistreated. Your “friends” should not make you feel alone in a crowded room. If you are not growing in a friendship (or relationship of any sort), if you are pulling the weight, if you feel like a doormat; it’s time to cut dead ends.

This is a hard lesson I have had to learn in life, even recently. Frankly, it is scary and heartbreaking to lose friends whom you have shared a large chunk of your life with. It is hard to see the friendship fade until it no longer exists and you appear to be strangers. It is hard to have people you once loved and respected exclude you and intentionally hurt your feelings. But, dead ends are meant to be cut. No amount of conditioner can fix dry, dead hair; just as no amount of nurturing and effort can fix a broken, dead relationship.

However, there will always be people who are true. People who make the choice to stay. There will be people who come into your life at just the right time when you need a friend, and they will be there, always. They are the type of friends that you don’t need to work at your relationship– it is always there. No amount of time apart will test your friendship, because it is just meant to be. There are always new opportunities, new horizons, and new people to meet. Out of seven billion people, there is bound to be a few that choose you.

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People walk in and out of our lives for a reason. If you choose to walk out of my life, I bid you farewell–I hope that it’s beautiful wherever you may be going and that you find the peace you are searching for; but, please know that dead ends do not grow back once cut.

It might be hard to adjust to those missing few inches at first, but alas, new things always fill the empty spaces. I am thankful for the growth. I am thankful for the dead ends, because they have shaped me. Most of all, I am thankful for all of the people who have begun to come in and fill my empty spaces, and I am so excited for those who have yet to come.

Till next time,


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