Photo of the day – Grey day

I’m struggling today. I’m exhausted and even simple tasks are taking it out of me. This is okay. I’ve had a hugely busy time over the festive period, I’m just getting over an ear infection. The only downside to when I’m feeling like this, is that it can create an opening for the black dog to come growling around my back door. But today despite pain and fatigue I took myself and the kids out for a short drive along the coast.

I love the sea in winter, when winds whip across the sea, tugging at your clothes, icy rain smatters down on you, waves crash relentlessly at the shore, as if trying to beat it into submission. It’s a desolate place, but it’s that raw untamed beauty which speaks to my soul. It shores up defences against the black dog, makes me feel alive.

One day I will own an off road scooter solution and trundle mountain, hill and dale… but I digress. Today is about a grey day, but even though it’s a grey day, it still can hold beauty and make you feel alive.

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