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Hide And Snake Murder (2012)

by Jessie Chandler(Favorite Author)
3.61 of 5 Votes: 1
0738725978 (ISBN13: 9780738725970)
Midnight Ink
A Shay O'Hanlon Caper
review 1: How can you help but love this motley crew?My favourite trouble magnet is back and she brought the whole clan with her as well as a few new faces. These books are just so much fun! Shay's quirky sense of humor, Coop's geeky nerdiness, Rocky's sweet, gentle nature, Dawg.. Boxer of my Heart is just as wonderful as can be and of course Eddy....lets just say she is still in fine form! This is the second installment of the Shay O'Hanlon series. Ms. Chandler writes a great mystery with just the right balance of cloak and dagger interlaced with humor, sass and crazy old ladies. This is such a winning combination she has found for herself and I enjoy it immensely.Unfortunately for me, it is too late to start the next in the series, The good news for you is that you do not hav... moree to wait to get all four, you really won't regret it!!
review 2: In this follow-up caper to Bingo Barge Murder, coffee shop co-owner Shay 'O Hanlon runs into Baz, an old school acquaintance, who has two goons hot on his trail. Seems like they are after a plush snake Baz has stolen from a Minneapolis toy factory. Only problem is, his aunt Agnes may have taken the snake to New Orleans during a quick jaunt with Shay's landlord, Eddy, and their friend, Rocky, who has developed an attachment to the snake and won't give it up. Soon Shay's best friend Nick Cooper (known more intimately as Coop), joins Shay and Baz on a trip to the Big Easy to find the snake. Soon they find out why that snake was so important and a series of wild adventures ensues. Shay soon wonders whether to get her lover and detective, J.T., involved. Shay does not really want to pull her out of training for the FBI in Quantico, but when a possible Mexican cartel may be in the Twin Cities area, J.T. may not have a choice.This book turned out to be a wild ride that's lots of fun. Janet Evanovich fans who like to go on a wild goose chase will like this quick and breezy read. less
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reading the blurb on back was most fun i had reading this book.
very entertaining, hope to hear more about Nick and Luz.
second book in the series. Funny right from the start.
Too much going on; still fun to read, though.
Another good book in this series.
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