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Renewal (2000)

by J.F. Perkins(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Likeable main character, a young boy (20's) showing my age here. Out on his own for the first time. He is learning the world is not black and white and actually in this world there are places that are nothing like where he grew up. This is a short story a small taste of what is to come. There are several more parts published already, and I need to get back to this world! Tty it, if you like apocalyptic fiction, you will like this first bit of what seems to be a great novel.
review 2: VERY promising start to an ongoing series. VERY promising. I liked it very much. Great world-building to start this post-apocalyptic/renewal & rebuilding type of book. In fact, it would be totally awesome if the whole series started out with the flashback/retelling of how the curr
... moreent folks got where they are, as when we start, it has already happened. The retelling of the "event" by someone who lived through it is outstanding, and I would have liked to read a LOT MORE of that.It's about 35 years after the "Breakdown" (nuclear missiles worldwide, all hell broke loose, etc., etc., etc.). Since the nukes headed for the US were detonated in space, there is no bomb damage or fallout (not really believable, but it's not a big plot hole). The struggling survivors have slapdash governments and plans and such, but life pretty much sucks. A good group has an amazing town and life, but they keep hidden for obvious reasons. The protagonist stumbles onto it, and the backstory is great.Big major problem is that this is probably only novella length, which is personally very annoying, and in order to make it great, probably 3 or 4 of the novellas in the continuing series need to be combined into one book each, and could make a great sequel or trilogy, depending on how far the author intends to take the series. I fully intend to read the rest of the books in this promising series. less
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Very good post apocalyptic short story. I would love to read more from this promising author!
Enjoying this great series! Well done and fast paced. A great read!
AMAZING!Great pacing, believable characters, HUMAN.Worth a read!
Read the whole Renewal series. A really good apocalyptic series
Decent little story.
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