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Michal (2009)

by Jill Eileen Smith(Favorite Author)
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0800733207 (ISBN13: 9780800733209)
Fleming H. Revell Company
The Wives Of King David
review 1: This is the first novel in the Wives of King David Series. I enjoyed reading the story of Michal and David. The book helped me think about the biblical account of King Saul and King David and understand better the time frame of their story. It helped me piece all the stories about David together so that I saw the big picture. In other reviews readers criticized the characters of Michal and David and stated that they found their love for each other wasn't evident in the story. I suppose you could say that but the fact that they were very seldom together seemed to be the reason it was difficult to see their love. Most of their lives were spent apart. The author followed scripture accurately as far as I can tell and it has inspired me to go back and read the accounts recorded... more in I Samuel again.
review 2: Not normally the type of book I'd read. I picked it up as a freebie for my wife and, given that the author has a whole series on women/wives from the Old Testament, I thought I'd read it.Overall it wasn't too bad. Obviously some license taken with names/events/personalities but overall I can imagine that Jill's portrayal of these Biblical characters is probably close to the truth.Each character was developed with an appropriate amount of depth - depending upon their relevance and importance to the story. Both Michal and David were well-developed.Was it a book for blokes? Well, it's not too inappropriate - and I think it fills in some of the character and personality of these well-known Bible characters. less
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Do not recommend - really disliked how the author portrayed both David and Michal.
After finishing this book, went right to my Bible and read 1 & 2 Samuel.
I really enjoyed this story of David's first wife!
Loved the story from this point of view!
it kept me hooked onto every word.
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