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Rozengeur En Zonneschijn (2014)

by Jill Mansell(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 4
LS Amsterdam
review 1: 'The Unpredictable Consequences of Love' is yet another gem from Jill Mansell. In this book, the story is told in Jill's trademark style of incorporating several storylines involving different characters. The main focus is on Sophie and Josh. The story is set in St Carys. Sophie is a photographer and despite Josh's unwavering interest in her, she constantly turns him down due to a dark past that continues to haunt her. This mysterious past is revealed pretty quickly to the reader. There was chemistry between them though I found Josh's attraction to Sophie a little questionable considering the fact that he'd barely spoken to her and suddenly appears to like her. However, this was excusable as their interactions were believable and in a few instances, funny. The other storyl... moreines revolve around Tula and Riley, Antoine, Lawrence and Dot as well as Marguerite. I personally enjoyed reading Tula's story though the outcome was predictable from the start. As for Antoine and Lawrence somewhat fighting over Dot, it didn't capture my interest as much as the other stories did but it was well-written. All of the characters had a distinctive voice and the descriptions of places such as the beach were detailed and illustrative. Overall, it's a great book to read - it's funny and relaxing.
review 2: At the end of this book are a selection of readers comments which were invited by the publisher for Jill's Facebook page. One in particular struck a chord with me, from a bookseller who was in business some 25 years ago and remembers the first of Jill's books being published and what an occasion it was when each new one was released. I was in bookselling back then too, and as staff members we were allowed to borrow books from the shop to read personally. While I can't remember which one I borrowed, I do remember reading it in one gulp and being overjoyed to find a new author to love. Things have moved on a bit since then of course, particularly the cover designs - I still have a few of the very first ones, and believe me they are very naff indeed, but what I find utterly extraordinary is that 25 books later Jill can still write stories that warrant 5 star reviews. It really is testament to her skill as an author.I'm not going to go into the detail of the plot here, suffice to say that I enjoyed in immensely. My memory may be deserting me here, but what was a little unusual with this book is that it followed several 'sets' of characters and their relationships, rather than just the more usual couple favoured by Jill. The characters stories were all interlinked, but it all flowed beautifully, nothing felt forced, or out of place, and although while reading it I knew the ending would be a happy one, Jill never makes it that obvious that you can guess the route to the end.Sadly I don't own all Jill's books, but I think I have read most if not all of them, certainly more recently I have read each one as it has been published. I'm happy to say I will continue to do so, and heartily recommend them to anyone looking for a great read. less
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A fun holiday read, massively predictable, but still fun.
3.5 stars
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