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The Golden Gizmo (1954)

by Jim Thompson(Favorite Author)
3.46 of 5 Votes: 3
0316403989 (ISBN13: 9780316403986)
Mulholland Books
review 1: Another great read by Mr. Thompson. I know I'm a complete sell out for anything this guy wrote but still,it doesn't change the fact that it becomes a bit more obvious every single time that Thompson is the master of Pulp/Pop fiction.I mean seriously, who can introduce a talking dog in a book and still manage for every reader to be like: yeah, makes sense, pretty common, I buy that? Jim Thompson, that's who.The Golden Gizmo is like any other Jim's books, it makes you feel like you're driving full speed on the highway.
review 2: I found a clutch of Jim Thompson novels at the Goodwill. It was like winning the lottery (in a Jim Thompson kind of way).I immediately devoured this one. I liked it a lot. The Golden Gizmo is a sort of 6th Sense that the protagonist ha
... mores that either leads him to hidden riches or hidden trouble. As one would expect from Thompson, it was an excellent crime novel with a few surreal touches to keep it from being bland. I liked the talking Doberman myself. It's not quite up there with The Master and Margarita but it is well worth the read. less
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Fascinating, furious, and funny. One of Thompson's lightest book...but still a good portion of noir.
Kind of campy, and certainly rollicking- I thought this book was tons of fun. Violent, evil fun.
although the plot is handwavey, it's pure pulp, and delivers on that. even has a chase sequence!
Not bad.... not great either.The plot kind of simmered out and never really peaked.
Alright, I'll ask.What's up with the talking dog?
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