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Congress Of The Animals (2011)

by Jim Woodring(Favorite Author)
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1606994379 (ISBN13: 9781606994375)
review 1: I'm normally a little wary of totally silent comic books. There are very few people who can pull off that trick of creating a compelling and engaging story with no words at all. Jim Woodring is one of those people, and his protagonist Frank (an anthropomorphic creature who looks a little like a cat) is a wonderful creation. Frank lives in a world of inexplicable perils and arbitrary disasters, and he's largely unable to impose himself on events. He just moves from one crisis to the next, resigned to his suffering, until life finally gives him love instead of lemons. That's the plot, insofar as there is one. But the beauties of the book lie in the details and the indelible atmosphere, two parts menace to one part whimsy. It's like nothing so much as the storyboard fo... morer a movie-length cartoon directed by David Lynch!
review 2: This is a great book, and one I've had for awhile and has been sitting on my "to read" stack. Now that Fran has just been released, I thought it the perfect opportunity to finally get to Congress of the Animals. This book would have been enjoyable on its own, certainly, but within the context of Fran, it probably reads even better. (I wouldn't know how it read by itself, without immediately preceding Fran, since I didn't read it when it first came out.) Now I'm sorry I didn't pick this one up earlier, especially when it came out in 2011. I liked Weathercraft, Woodring's last book of this sort, but this one's even better. less
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A beautifully drawn, wordless story about one animals' surreal, nightmarish and wonderful adventure.
Not unlike an amalgalm of Das Kapital and Yellow Submarine, but also so much more.
Oh wow Congress of the Animals, now I need to read Fran next
wonky indeed.
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