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Frank Et Le Congrès Des Bêtes (2011)

by Jim Woodring(Favorite Author)
4.2 of 5 Votes: 1
2844144225 (ISBN13: 9782844144225)
review 1: Possibly the most accessible of Woodring's work. This does not mean interpreting the text is easier, but following the sequential narrative isn't too challenging. I'd like to reread "Weathercraft" because I've either gotten more accustomed to reading Woodring's work, or he his storytelling has improved. One of us grew, likely both of us grew. I don't intend to say anything about the story. It would be unfair to everyone involved. Let's just say that should you read "Congress of Animals" read it multiple times. Each time spend more time reading it. There are several passages in this book, as there always are in Frank books, that require a lot more unpacking in order to fully grasp the aims of the text. Woodring's panels operate in a manner some readers of comics might find... more unfamiliar. This is because he isn't a lazy writer. There is the action that moves the story forward (Simple), the action/image that makes meaning (Descriptive), and there is the image that creates ambiguity (Mystical) - often times, you will find all of this at work in one panel. [I don't feel settled on those three element's of a Woodring panel, but something like this is at work in his panels. Perhaps one of the elements is mislabeled - I'm open to suggestions. But that Woodring's works can be read/misread in different ways isn't simply due to them being silent, and thus open to interpretation.]
review 2: Can't really claim to have read this as it consists entirely of pictures. I'd never experienced Jim Woodrings crazy cat 'Frank' before, but I saw a repro of a short piece in some book and I thought: This is the kind of weirdness I like; so I went out and got this one.There's no rhyme or reason in Frank's world: weirdness happens and he copes as best he can. In this episode Frank's house is swallowed and he gets into debt building another which causes him to flee his homeland.The entities he meets over the sea are diverse and perculiar- in some cases stomach-churningly weird; but he finally comes up trumps winning the love-interest who travels home with him.It's hard to convey the strangeness that Woodring's intensely beautiful, woodcut-like drawings provoke. This world is a real one-off and a delight to experience. less
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almost as good as Weathercraft, which was my favorite Frank comic to date.
Bizarre. I loved it.
Yup, it's amazing.
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