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This Girl Is Different [Uncorrected Proof] (2011)

by J.J. Johnson(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 4
Peachtree Publishers
review 1: Evensong Sparkling Morningdew (Evie for short) was home-schooled all her life. But when Senior year comes along, she wants to go to public school. It's her last chance to see what a real school is like. Before the school year starts, she befriends a boy named Rajas and a girl named Jacinda. Immediately, she falls head over hears for Rajas because he is "beautiful"! He looks like "A crunchier, leaner version of Kumar from Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle." Jacinda and Rajas agreed to show Evie around and teach her the ropes of high school. But when Evie arrives on her first day, high school is NOT what she thought it would be like! She got a number of detentions for talking back to her teachers because of her rights, and more. So she decided things needed to change. To m... moreake change happen Rajas, Jacinda and herself create a blog called PLUTOs (People's Lightning to Undermine True Oppression). The blog was made to help students stand up for their rights, so they can get the respect they deserve. But with the use of the blog, things get a little (a lot) put of hand. Soon enough PLUTOs was breaking people down. Everybody was receiving Zaps and PLUTOs was no longer a positive way to bring everyone together to be equals. It became a high school burn book. And since Evie was betrayed by her friends and the whole school hates her, its her job to turn things around.I really enjoyed this book. Evie was such a good character! She stood up for herself and what she believed in. But, she was a bit immature. She stood up for her beliefs, but sometimes it was unnecessary and she didn't pay attention to what the outcome would think. I guess you can say she argued blindly. One of my favorite characters was Martha (Evie's mom). She just seemed like such a chill mom! I don't know why, but there is just something about her that makes her awesome. I liked just about every character in this book besides Ms. Gliss and Mr. Brookner (if you haven't read the book then you'll find out why). I expected a lot more from the ending then what I got. I wish things got cleared up more and everybody knew and understood what happened. I rate this book or 4 or 3.5. The whole book had me entertained, I was just a bit disappointed with the ending.
review 2: "This Girl is Different" is a wonderfully written story of Evie, who is homeschooled most of her life and then thrown in the lion's den of high school - Senior year. Evie is outspoken, open minded, and an advocate for free speech and equal rights. She thrusts herself into this unknown world and on the way through it makes a few good friends and falls in love. I read a lot of young adult books, and not only is the girl different, but the story and it's writing are a bit different... but brilliant! I have read both her books and look forward to more - she's so good at creating both characters and stories that make you care so much you don't want to put it down until you finish the very last page. less
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The setting of this novel sticks out in my mind as deliberately modern.
but more like 3.5
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