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A Friendly Game Of Murder (2012)

by J.J. Murphy(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 1
0451238990 (ISBN13: 9780451238993)
An Algonquin Round Table Mystery
review 1: This appears to be the last of a trilogy and I have to admit I am relieved. These are bad books, but they are tedious. This one is set on New Year's Eve and the game of "Murder" turns real--but there are way too many strings and it takes on a Keystone Kops atmosphere--the reference to known people from that era can't save it and make no sense if they are just injected to BE THERE. And the reader has no chance to figure out who done it. On top of it all what self respecting journalist would not know what the reference to Lloyds and Pinks means in that day and age.
review 2: Mr. Murphy, you've done it again! I am NEVER disappointed when I read a Round Table Mystery. I laughed out loud. I felt my heart race. I got the creepy crawlies from the drama and danger.
... more Absolutely awesome. Please, for Heaven's sake, write 2 at a time! I have gladly skipped nap times as a mother to a newborn just to finish this book. I couldn't put it down. Fantastic! I recommend it to anyone that likes a Roaring 20s mystery. less
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Another great mystery using Dorothy Parker as the crime solver.
Well, I wrote it, so of course I liked it!
I love this series!!
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