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Alien Species Intervention Books 1-3 (2013)

by J.K. Accinni(Favorite Author)
4.28 of 5 Votes: 5
E K Publishing
review 1: Pretty much anything sci-fi and I'm all over it, but lately I've become more selective because I do not have as much available free reading time of late. I read some reviews about this book as well as the intro and found it intriguing so I decided to buy it. This book is everything I hoped for and Accinni has a unique way of capturing and keeping the readers attention. I found myself completely engulfed in the novel while other books make me sleepy at the end of the day. Overall, this is a great read and who cannot love Echo!
review 2: tThis review is from: Alien Species Intervention: Books 1-3: An Alien Apocalyptic Saga (Species Intervention #6609) (Kindle Edition)Growing up I devoured science fiction, then, I stopped - literary and philosophy filled my time.
... moreA friend told me about J.K. Accinni's writing and I thought to myself, why not, it has been years since I have read any science fiction. Once I started I read the series in two days (nice it is all in one book). It was enjoyable, mystical, intriguing, and as good as any writing in the science fiction field I have ever read. I can see why the series has won several awards. If you are a reader of science fiction this is a must read. If you have never read science fiction this would be the book to start with. Put yourself into a world that might be of our own making. less
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An epic saga, it drew me in and kept me reading. Two thumbs up.
Decent, predictable. Not sure if want to read more of series.
Where is this Science Fiction?
A must read!
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