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Submergence (2013)

by J.M. Ledgard(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 4
1566893194 (ISBN13: 9781566893190)
Coffee House Press
review 1: Trigger warning: this book has some Big Important Themes That Describe The Human Condition and Also Really Hammer Home Metaphors About Profundity so if you have a low tolerance for pretentiousness, you might hate it. But it's well written, and not overlong; I sped through it in a day. The main characters' overweening intellectual elitism reminds me of certain international NGO types I've met, so they certainly ring true. Overall, despite some pretty sentences, I don't think this Economist-article-fleshed-out-into-a-vaguely-romantic-novel is going to stay with me forever.
review 2: I found this book by accident and read it by accident and can't tell whether I really liked it or what exactly drove me to finish it. It's two intertwined stories--a British spy and a
... moren academic who works on the ocean meet and have an affair. They go back to their regular lives. The spy is captured by a terrorist group. The scientist goes deep into the ocean to look for the answers to the earth's problems. The words are many and lovely and specific. less
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Great story telling and interesting characters.
Meh. Didn't grip me. Moved on.
no so good
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